HostGator Add Domain

As the title of this article suggests, we are going to see how to add a new domain to your hostgator account. The procedure is very simple. Until you understand the basics of setting domain, you are not going to understand why to add the domain.

New Account Setup

When you sign up with the HostGator account, you are asked to register a new domain name or use an existing domain name. You can't sign up with HostGator without providing a domain name.

If you register a new domain name then that domain is automatically added to your hostgator account and you don't need to do any setup. The same way if you already have a domain name registered and just use that domain at the time of sign up then also you don't need to add that domain. That domain is added to your account by default. So the domain which you provide at the time of sign up, whether it's registered or not registered is called a default domain.

You need to add the domain name to your hostgator account if and only if you register another domain and want to host it with your default domain.

What Does It Mean by Add Domain?

When you host a domain to any web hosting company, the company needs to setup a web server for your domain. If web server is not setup for your domain then your web site won't work. When you say add domain to your hosting account that means prepare a web server for your domain.

When you add domain to your hosting account, the hosting company setup a web server for your domain. The procedure is completed automatically and no human observation is needed for that. The default domain is already added in your hosting account. So you don't need to add default domain.

Register a Domain Name

The first thing you need to add a domain is registered domain. If you haven't registered a domain name then you can register it through HostGator or any other registrar.

I prefer to register a domain name at If you have registered a domain through some other registrar then you need to set up your name servers at the registrar's account. Read this article to find out your name servers. If you register a domain through HostGator then you don't need to setup name servers.

HostGator Add Domain Video

Following is a short video on how to add a domain to HostGator. Watch the video to see it in live action.

Full Procedure of Adding Domain with Screenshots

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to add domain to your hostgator account.

1) Login to your HostGator cPanel using your login id and password.

2) Now under the Domains section, click on AddOn Domains button.

HostGator Add Domain

3) Here on this page, you need to enter domain name, FTP username, document root and password. You can use any FTP username. Make sure that FTP username does not exist or linked with any other domain. If FTP username is linked with other domain then you will see an error.  The default option creates a document root under public_html folder. I like to use domain name as a document root and I prefer to put it directly under the home directory. See the below image for example.

Add Domain

Enter the password. You can also use password generator to generate the password.

4) Once everything is entered, click on Add Domain button. Finally, you will see the success message like following.

Success Message

Now the new domain is successfully added to your HostGator account. Upload the files to your new domain and check how beautifully it works!

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