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Welcome to This web site contains almost all information about HostGator web hosting company. If you are new to HostGator then you will find this web site useful. You will learn how to perform many basic administrative tasks in HostGator account from the tutorials given on this site.

Who Am I?

I am a customer of HostGator. I have been with HostGator since December, 2009. In the last four and half years, I have had some good experiences with HostGator and some bad experiences. So I am going to share my journey with HostGator in this web site.

When I opened my hosting account at HostGator, I was not sure how long I am going to stay with HostGator. I already had one hosting account at DreamHost. I was happy with DreamHost service. So I really did not need another hosting account. I opened HostGator account because I wanted to test the service and performance of the HostGator Company.

In the beginning time, I had some issues with HostGator for setting up my web site. So I contacted the HostGator support team and my problem was fixed. After that everything has gone smooth. In the journey of four and half years, I rarely had to contact the support team of HostGator.

Why HostGator?

As I said earlier, HostGator is not the only company where I have a hosting account. I have hosting account at many other hosting companies also.

If you are new to online and searching for the hosting solution then there is a high probability that you will find the name HostGator. HostGator is very famous in hosting industry.

Being in the online marketing field for more than 2 years, I really wanted to sell something which is useful to the public. Since I am a technical person, I decided to sell hosting packages.

HostGator is well known name in hosting industry. So I finally decided to sell HostGator hosting packages. But before I recommend HostGator to any other person, I needed to check the service of HostGator. So I have purchased a hosting account at HostGator.

What's Included in The Site?

Since this web site is all about HostGator, you will mostly find all the information related to HostGator hosting company. You will get many tutorials which will help you to setup a hosting account at HostGator. I have also tried to include video tutorials whenever possible.

The basics tutorials include the information on how to add a new domain, how to setup a new domain, how to setup a sub domain, how to create ftp account, how to create ssh account, how to install wordpress, drupal and many more open source softwares, how to change the name servers and how to use htaccess.

Recently Added Tutorials

Change the DNS Records

You can change the DNS entries from HostGator cPanel. In this article, I will show you how to change the DNS entry in zone file.

Update Contact Information

You can modify your email address and your postal address in HostGator. This article explains you how to do that.

Change SPF Record

SPF record is used to stop the spammer. In this article, you will find how to setup the SPF record for your domain.